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I took out a loan with Santander 4 years ago. It was a loan for $1500.00. I was suppose to have it paid back in 3 years. I have made every payment, and I still owe $1,00.00. I have called but get no good responses from them. I cant afford a lawyer. I am at witts end. Any suggestions? These guys are a big rip off company. I have looked up title loans interest in Oregon and from what I see Santanders interest are way above what is allowed in Oregon. I was late on a payment one time and they informed me the interest on being late is a dollar a... Read more

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I have had my loan with Santander since 2009. Since then, I've been laid off twice but still managed to pay them sometimes 60 days late but I paid them. Two weeks ago I was informed that my loan which was supposed to be paid off this August, still had a balance of 7000.00 (after 7 years!) and I had 18 more months to pay. After numerous calls and complaints, I was told by a supervisor that Santander has made over 17,000 in interest alone from my original $13,000 loan! She explained that when I contacted them for deferrments in the past, I was... Read more

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Everytime I get close to paying them off.They add on another month and they still can't give me a reason for it. Add comment

on 4/12/16 we noticed that $850 was taken out of our debit account. We immediately contacted Santander Bank. They said it was nothing they could do while the charge was still pending.However they had already overdraft my account. The next day they claim that my funds would not be returned for 10 plus business days even though we notified them when the charges were still pending. Their fraud department is very weak because the most I spend out of this account is $250 and they allowed a charge of $850 to be paid to a company in South... Read more

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I discovered my debit account had been charged for $850 on 4/12/16 and I immediately contacted the bank when the situation was still in pending. They claimed there was nothing they could do with a pending charge however they had already overdraft my account and charged a $35 fee. The next day they said it would take 10 business days plus to return my funds to my account. I had not charged over $250 in this account for years but yet their fraud department allowed $850 to go to a company in South Carolina when I live in PA. The fraud depart... Read more

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Hung up on .. & She didn't even say thank you or anything ? Add comment

They charge a $10.95 fee to make a payment unless you mail it in. Who does that anymore? No one I know of. I would warn anyone who is thinking of using this company not to. $10.95 is ridiculous! Add comment

I only owe 1700 on my vehicle and they telling me I still owe 18 more payments at 329. These people crazy!! Someone really need to put a lawsuit on there ***. They been ripping off people for years!! I had this car since 2006 and still paying! Something gotta give !! Add comment

Terrible people! Bad attitudes and terrible customer service! Was late on a payment for my car, we paid on the day they reposessed our car, they took it all the way to San antonio, we are 6 hours away from there! We paid, they should have never taken our car! Add comment

I would suggest not dealing with car dealerships that use Santander Add comment

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