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They came and took our car while in active bankruptcy Add comment

The 123 acount went into OD by a couple of pounds. they then added charges to this. was refunded OD charges and cleared balance and thought this was the end of the matter. they then added further charges from their own charges which should have been refunded and now say i owe £144 from a positive balance. Manager was cocky and had an attitude and said there was no escalation point within santander. shocked at how they can add charges to to... Read more

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I have stage 4 cancer. I awoke this morning to find my car gone. Santander relied it no doorbell or heads up. I'm on a deferment and made a payment that made me up to date. Waiting on them to open to straighten this out. I haven't received a letter or phone call! I can't even get to chemo today. FURIOUS! Add comment

I have been paying my account by posting payment on my due date, and having them take out payment 7 days later. The recording does not explain that you accrue late fees for every day post dated. I have been doing this consistently for over 2 years, until I accidently found out that they were charging me interest and reporting late to the Credit bureaus. A customer Service rep accidently told me that that was what was occurring on my account.... Read more

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be very careful with this company they claim to help people with struggling credit. my daughter works for Capital one Auto finance. she has been on calls with me to help me understand what they were trying to explain. when she advised them that their calculations did not add up. and you cant charge someone for interest for the maturity of the loan if they are paying before the maturity date. she also asked about the daily rate and the... Read more

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I brought my car in 2011, I went to the Scott Clark Nissan in Chantilly va I went to a buy a car because I really needed one. A One month before I went to car max and got an 8%......Scott Clark ran my loan through Santandler they gave me a 24% interest rate. For 17k my payments are 499.95 per month I was told after I brought the car, I could refinance in one year. My one year rolled around I was not able to refinance. Fast forward up... Read more

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We have an open Auto Loan with Santander, we were in the military and my husband was medically retired. During the 1st three months of the retirement me did get behind on payments. We made what we could until my new job went in to effect and finally the retirement pay and final military pay check came in. At that time which was over a year and 6 months ago we paid the car past due payments in full and paid ahead one month. Since then we... Read more

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I had a car loan with Santander Bank and they was charging a lot of interest in my loan. Read more

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This is bad business. Charging 10.95 for convience fee when making a payment except when mailing payment in. Awful !!! Going to try refinance. Sick of being robbed. Add comment

Today pay shows $4846. 0 but when contacting Santander the amount has went up in days to $5064.23. I asked for them to explain how does it rise even with Interest of $2.71/day at days since last payment that's on $78.59.They can never tell me why or where the $218.23. Each person I speak with is unable to explain the increased since just last Friday. but they tell me to pay that amount and any overage will be refunded. I need assistance with... Read more

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