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I obtained a loan for a vehicle thru Santander. The car was totaled one year into the loan. I had gap insurance and a service agreement attached to the loan. Santander recieved 17,000 from the insurance company and 14 000 for a total of 31,000 for a 2014 Ford fusion. They are attempting to extort another 6,000 claiming a balance for service agreement and remaining balance for the full length of the loan which would have been ... Read more

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Santander as of 7/23/16 towed my car off, in which they had no right to do so they said i was three months behind in which i am not. They said they didnt recieve a couple payments and i said they did. They said no sorry we didnt, i said mam im sitting here looking at my checking account, you cashed my checks she said well i dont see them on here. so needless to say i had to copy and fax my checks and statements to them and see what happens.. I... Read more

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I bought a new car 2014 Chevy Spark, live in WV. Was in the flood June 23,2016. Didn't make a payment for June. Got payment statement for July 3days late. Was dated 6-27-16 the due date is 3-11-16? Somehow, 2 payments of $359.93 turned into a total amount due of $2,399.58.Somehow my amount of payoff has only gone down by $854.64 since 9/11/14? I tried calling but got the run a round, or hungup on . Then on 7/14/2016, without noticeof any kind ,... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 write your nightmare santander story to them....they are CONSUMER FINANCE PROTECTION BUREAU they read every one , track to FTC..enough complaints and we'll see action against this company File complaint to They handle thousands of disputes and complaints against companies like this . They investigate and mediate track complaints. Santander has... Read more

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We purchased a car. Santander was the loan company and we payed on it for 2 1/2 years. We went to pay it off and owed more than the car was purchased for. Over 9 thousand dollars was taken just for interest. Someone needs to put a stop to this kind of business. I refused to pay the car off. I called and told them they should come and get the car because I would not pay for 2 cars and only get 1. I told them I would get a lawyer and they... Read more

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Santander Consumer - Very misleading compamy
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I got a car financed through Santander. The car was only worth $18,000 but they put me in the hole $21,000. It looks like I would never get the balance down. Well, the car was totaled less than a year later. I was rear ended and was not at fault. The GAP coverage is a straight lie. They still left me with a balance on my account and will not remove it from my credit report. Then, because they want me to pay $250 per month til it's paid off, and... Read more

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I both a car on 2012 for 20,000 and today my pay off is 17,000 how do I get out of this bad loan

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I got a car through them June 15 ,2013 they're the worse i finance for $22K i paid almost $19K now 3yrs later they saying i still owed 20K july 2016 i wish it someone i can talk to so they can look into it for me they dont keep they word u have talk different people who all got different lies to tell Read more

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Federal Reserve review of banking system ...Bloomberg News. Federal Reserve officially cleared dozens of banks to boost scheduled payouts after conducting annual stress test that proved to rigorous , again, for Deutsche Bank AG and BANKO SANTANDER SA...... Santander says (paraphrasing) They are devoting staff and resources to improving and that it expects to fare better in 2017. I'm not the only one who thinks any of... Read more

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I followed the system which I thought was law . Regards claim against Santanda. I now know different Santander are very quick to point you in the ombudsman direction. As Santanda and ombudsman have made there decision which I haven't excepted as santanders own internal statements of my account show there findings to be based on fabricated evidence with know written evidence or proof . I did send copies of internal statements but they have... Read more

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