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  • Rude managers1 votes
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this company is horrible! they dont apply any payments properly and charge you at ridicioulous apr rates!!! if you like throwing away money then this is the perfect company Add comment

Sat on line at there bayside branch in bay terrace for 30 minutes , only one teller working on a Saturday morning at 10 am. Wtf Add comment

  • Dec 09
  • Auto Financing
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Car Loan
  • 59

I have been paying on a car loan with this company for over four and a half years and my balance in the same as is was from day one. All I wish to do is to give them back the truck cut off all ties and we go our separate ways without me paying them another dime because this is crazy, but they don't want that. They would rather repo it so they could sell it and sue me for the remainder and if I... Read more

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This is a total rip off company please what ever u do please do not let them fiance u car car loan there intrance rate is off the chain u will be owing them three times of what the car cost. Add comment

Money hungry bastards that won't work with u. I am about ready to tell them come take my car and stuff it. Oh will give you a good deal. Yeah right Add comment

  • Dec 07
  • Auto Financing
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Payment Schedule
  • 41

I make payments and still get called saying I am late on them.(Honestly sometimes I am). But even after I make a payment I still costantly recieve phone calls 3-4 times a day. I think this is harrassment. Because they will stat making the calls if i am one day late not only that but I set up a payment arangement with them with a bake accout and instead of them pulling money out on "Friday" like i... Read more

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  • Dec 04
  • Auto Financing
  • Car Loan
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  • 1
  • 69

We have an auto loan through Santander USA. We have a loan of 72 months with an original maturity date of 11/2014. We had deferments which Santander USA turned doubled them by defering x2 so it made the deferments 8. Now, they are telling us our maturity date is 8/2015 but that we will still owe an additional 5K! We have been paying 542.00 a month for 72 months. Please help us! I would like the... Read more

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Keep making payments on time and they keep calling saying payment is late and demanding payment right then. Even though chech was cashed by them on the 21st. What to do??has happened three times now Add comment

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