Santander Consumer - IF YOU HAVE A SANTANDER LOAN pls join the class action lawsuit

GARY GREEN, esq.filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees.

Contact them:

& MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for improper overcharges on auto loans.Customers complain charges of unauthorized late fees & fails to credit customer accts, & falsely reports missed payments to credit agencies.


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May 04 #979985

I hate Santander Consumer USA

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May 04 #979776

I have had my car for 5 years. It is a 6 year loan and they say I still owe over $14,000. On it. That's completely impossible! I requested an amortization schedule to see how its being broken down and when the payoff is. 80% of my payment is going toward interest and the 20% toward principle. They told me that if the $14,000 wasn't paid by the maturity date that I would have a balloon payment, if I couldn't pay it off by then they would have no choice but to repossess the car. As fat as I'm concerned, they can have it just so I don't have to deal with them anymore! They call 10-15 times a day starting at 9 am and not stopping until 10:00 pm seven days a week. Payment is due on the 25th of the month and if they haven't received the payment by the beginning of the business day they are calling me. This company is a piece of ***!!

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stop overcharges unfair lender

Apr 02 #966868 Los Angeles, California

santander sounds verry familiar as Trading Financial LLC Credit in Los Angeles they are deceiving and deceiving overcharging triple the digit of the original loan does any body have the same situation with this company please contact me thank you please this could be setle in a class action

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May 04 #979705

I have the same complaint they have overcharged me on two vehicles. I think when they brought out my loan from Soviengn and citi- finance that they started it over or added more money on my loan. They are a very horrific

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May 05 #980370

I too have the same problem. I purchased my vehicle in October 2008 and here it's may 2015 and santander said I owe them 4500 plus there still charging me interest on a simple interest loan

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May 18 #985896

Yes, they repoed our car last night
We have made 81 payments of $361 and now they say we owe another $4,750.
This has to be illegal. By the way it was for a 2008 Honda Civic

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Mar 17 #959680 Fresno, California

They said we still owe 11,000 after they repoed our car & sold it @ auction please add us to your suit 559(724)5849

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uber driver

Mar 17 #959532

Please add me to this lawsuit, I need the email and number for a lawyer. I am an uber driver and got a vehicle through them. Its a 2015 chrysler and I am currently paying about $200 a week on it for 54 month lease term. They have also charged me double payments as late fees and ive payed around $1300 a month for some months. They started adding extra charges for a security deposit which normally was $19 a week now its $172 a week, the contract states that they are to inform me of any changes within 7 days prior in writting and they have not done so. Please help me out if anyone can.

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Mar 14 #958406 Michigan, United States

My is Earlena and I had the same response from Santander.

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06 honda complete

Mar 11 #957100 Orlando, Florida

please post the name, address and telephone number of the lawyer filing the lawsuit. I'm getting ready to pay off my car and reading these comments making me very very uncomfortable about do it.

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Mar 08 #955563 Macomb, Michigan

My name is lisa 586-342-0004 I too had an illegal repossession by Santander and they destroyed my credit. How do I join the Class Action Lawsuit??
Lisa 586-342-0004

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Mar 10 #956617 Detroit, Michigan

I too would like to join in an class action lawsuit against these people, let me know info @

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Mar 02 #953213 Mountain View, California

Bought my car in 2009, just finish paying it off. 6 years on a 5 year loan. This is a POS company. was make $500. a month payment on a $469.00 payment. they told me i was paying on late payments. did the for a year and a half. Please add me to your lawsuit.

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Feb 15 #946001

Please add me to your lawsuit.
Paid on my on 5/ 6 year car note for 7 years, and still owed 11 or 12,000!!

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Feb 07 #942491 Jefferson City, Missouri

over charged i purchase a care 4.5 years ago i had two deferred payment that is now showing up as late payment on my credit the loan was 9900 , to this day [02/07/2015] they say i owe 5100 and told me 80% of my monthly payment is interest the car is due to be paid off in 6 months.

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Jan 29 #938401 Tampa, Florida

We were cOmpletely ripped off.They repoded 2 vehicles one after over 60 payments the other after the final 72nd payment.the first truck had 2 deferments they took 60 payments the truck and autioned it off for 15,000 dollars the second car was repoded after 72 payments we called for the title and they said we owe a 5,400 balloon payment santander has collected over $100,000 from us and we have no vehicle to show for it what's scary is they are still doing business ripping off consumers and getting away with it now i'm a disable veteran out of nearly $100,000 and no vehicle I never though this would happen to my wife and I but it has and santander must be stopped and put out of business because it'll keep happening

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Jan 28 #937566 Augusta, Georgia

im sorry the amount still due is 14000.00

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Jan 28 #937565 Augusta, Georgia

please add me to this lawsuit. I have been paying on my car for 4 years and they say i till owe 1400.00. That is double the amount of the loan. please reach me at

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Jan 21 #934404 Gastonia, North Carolina

Please add me to the lawsuit. Paying on my loan for 5 yrs never late but I still owe 12500 on a 14500 auto loan.. Tamara Moore email address at I need help!

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