Santander Consumer - IF YOU HAVE A SANTANDER LOAN pls join the class action lawsuit

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GARY GREEN, esq.filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees.

Contact them:

& MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for improper overcharges on auto loans.Customers complain charges of unauthorized late fees & fails to credit customer accts, & falsely reports missed payments to credit agencies.


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Mar 02 Mountain View, California

Bought my car in 2009, just finish paying it off. 6 years on a 5 year loan. This is a POS company. was make $500. a month payment on a $469.00 payment. they told me i was paying on late payments. did the for a year and a half. Please add me to your lawsuit.

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Feb 15

Please add me to your lawsuit.
Paid on my on 5/ 6 year car note for 7 years, and still owed 11 or 12,000!!

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Feb 07 Jefferson City, Missouri

over charged i purchase a care 4.5 years ago i had two deferred payment that is now showing up as late payment on my credit the loan was 9900 , to this day [02/07/2015] they say i owe 5100 and told me 80% of my monthly payment is interest the car is due to be paid off in 6 months.

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Jan 29 Tampa, Florida

We were cOmpletely ripped off.They repoded 2 vehicles one after over 60 payments the other after the final 72nd payment.the first truck had 2 deferments they took 60 payments the truck and autioned it off for 15,000 dollars the second car was repoded after 72 payments we called for the title and they said we owe a 5,400 balloon payment santander has collected over $100,000 from us and we have no vehicle to show for it what's scary is they are still doing business ripping off consumers and getting away with it now i'm a disable veteran out of nearly $100,000 and no vehicle I never though this would happen to my wife and I but it has and santander must be stopped and put out of business because it'll keep happening

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Jan 28 Augusta, Georgia

im sorry the amount still due is 14000.00

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Jan 28 Augusta, Georgia

please add me to this lawsuit. I have been paying on my car for 4 years and they say i till owe 1400.00. That is double the amount of the loan. please reach me at

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Jan 21 Gastonia, North Carolina

Please add me to the lawsuit. Paying on my loan for 5 yrs never late but I still owe 12500 on a 14500 auto loan.. Tamara Moore email address at I need help!

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Nov 05, 2014

santander u birned me, i been paying and paying and paying with all the fees charges afyer 2 yrs my balance is same or higher then the first day, oh yeah phone calls hahaha omg 10x a day, taking moneys from my accounts 3x what i owe u.... lol
we all r coming for you! its time u make right, btw

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Oct 22, 2014

Please add me to the class action suit my credit has been ruined by them I paid 400 a month and 4yrs later I still owed the same amount I bought car at they repoed car after I refused to pay and many phone calls with no replies and now years later they are still reporting to credit companies which makes me unable to buy a house...

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Dec 08, 2014 North Carolina, United States

The same happen with me on 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt. The car was worth only $6gs to $8gs . I payed 15grand into the lemon with a lot of recalls on this car. I was contacted by Gary Greene a lawyer. I had car almost 4yrs. The lawyer going to help me get 20% to 40% back on. I gave car back in July 2012. Car wasn't worth keeping.

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Sep 26, 2014 Woodland Hills, California

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Sep 21, 2014

We just got rip off by them , can someone help me getting involve with the petition/ lawsuit against them, we paid off our car a year ago and was still waiting a pink slip from and next thing you knkw they came and repo our car!!!! Said we still owe more money from late Fees etc we weren't aware of it , never once mention it to us when we called them no calls or notice in the mail , santander is a nightmare !!! Now my family has no car and all that money down the drain .

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Sep 20, 2014 Dallas, Texas

I made 57 payments at 675 a month thought I had three payments left called to pay it off and they said I owed $13850.00

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Sep 11, 2014 South Carolina, United States

I contacted the company that filed the class-action law suit. I would like to be a part of this.
They took a cashiers check and cashed it. Then told me that they never got it, I contacted my bank and they took a copy or front and back where they endorsed it and it's been months on the phone going back and forth and noone has cleared this check into my account. That payment would had paid off this loan. I'm so ticked off with this NON-returning phone call company that can't get their books right and I'm tired of calling them non-stop to try to get this cleared up!

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Sep 06, 2014 Winston Salem, North Carolina

Hi, My name Evette Lewis I was ripped off by company Santander had internet online car stuff brand new Chevrolet Car place closed down year afterwards. Started getting recalls on 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt spent almost 16 grand wasn't worth 6,000 to 8.000 . Almost 5 yrs. also 4 recalls just receive another recall gave car back.

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Sep 05, 2014

They have ripped me off. I been paying on my loan for 5 years a 25,000 dollar loan. They have me still owing $3999 and I just made a $550 payment only giving me credit for a $100.

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Aug 31, 2014

Dear complainants
you guys are completely right to me it seems like my case is being discussed in these situations. Loans are sold to them illegally to rip consumers. But it name seems like itself for the consumers. Toyota financial agents make money from them illegally so they cheated to consumers. They are not posting payments in time to over charge them my four payments in January 13 posted at once which paid 50percent loan but they still keep changing to the full amout of loani nterest

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Aug 30, 2014

So how do I sue them or act against them if I NEVER signed a contract with them. My original contract was with Toyota Financial but they sold without my authorization or prior notification to CitiFinancial who again without notification nor consent sold the loan to Santander. Since then I've now paid double what the original loan was ($12,000 for a Yaris but now I've made 70 payments that equal $28,000) and they are threatening to repossess if I don't pay my payoff of $3,232! They are crocked! Their reps promise you they'd defer the payment only to call incessantly the day original payment it's due claiming they'd never agreed to such a thing. If you insist you were told they defer, they get very rude & treat you as if you're garbage stating they do not deal with "low lifes" who have "delinquent accounts". I wish I recorded every conversation with them. I NEVER AGREED TO HAVE THEM BE MY BANK AND NOW I'M SCREWED WITH TERRIBLE CREDIT!! Apparently these vultures don't think that my husband filing for Chapter 13; then committing suicide & leaving me to be a single mother of 2 kids with his creditors haunting me isn't bad enough for me, no, Toyota Financial & Citibank decided I have to be further punished by enduring an illegal repossession by Santander.

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Aug 29, 2014 Fredericksburg, Virginia

They are without a doubt the worst car loan company I have ever delt with! They repossed my car, not once, but three times, each time costing me over $1000.00 to get it back plus the repo guys fee! Last time I told them to keep it! I am done dealing with them. I am a senior citizen on a limited income, I called them for help and they said they would work with me but came in the night and stole my care!

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